Welcome to my page. I have been inspired, pushed and pulled to start this blog page. I hope it will bring you healing, inspiration and hope.

My name is Suze Plenty-Light Elliott and I have lived nearly half a century. To me time has flown by and I don’t feel more than 30 in years but have experienced many different life times in just this one life.

My interest lie deeply in Healing, Shamanism, Vision Quest, being in relationship with self, my partner, my beloved family and friends and new people that I have contact with all over the world, living off grid, being a mother….and so much more. I love dance, singing, drumming,writing, moving and also silence and being within the beauty of the unfolding journey of life.

For many years I have been a practising therapist. Only recently have I started to write and paint and sing, lead vision quests and healing workshops and show myself.

My work is intuitive and I follow my guidance and trust what is being shown to me. I work one to one, I have many years of training in Aromatherapy, Massage, The Bowen Technique, Energy work, Healing flower essences and I am a Shamanic Practitioner  A lot of the time the techniques, my tool kit, blends and molds to the individual person, I use the drum to move me to trance, ( my beloved drum). I journey for people and or give guided visualization/meditations to my clients, and this is normally after some form of body/energy work.  I call upon my guides and helpers to help me and use me as a hollow bone, especially when I am guided to suck out old energy and replace with new information. Some of the time ancient words are given through me and placed in for healing. At the time I am just the vessel transferring these words, sounds and song. I hold sacred space and call upon our beloved Gaia, Spirit, the Ancient One. All our ancestors, the animal kingdom, the Rock and mineral kingdoms and the Star Nations. I love to open sacred space and hold ceremonies. I have also recently started doing one to one skype sessions which have been amazing.

This is the adventure of life and I feel that I am breaking new grounds in writing here on my first ever blog. It is scary and I have butterflies in my stomach. My ego says what will people think of me, why am I putting myself out there for ridicule and to be judged. Well for the past few months the other part of me is saying, write what you have been learning, what I know and have been teaching and living, out there for others, and that maybe , just maybe one or two words may touch others and help them change their lives.Like I have been able to change mine.

I am a seeker of truth and the truth is to be personally experienced by self. So what I offer, I ask for you to go and seek for yourself. Go and open up to the experience and see if this is for you. For you are your own healer, just sometimes tho we need others to point the way. I still need others to help guide me on my journey and I am always learning and updating and releasing.

In my writings to come, be it a meditation, a prayer, a poem, a piece of writing that comes from my heart,  my intent is for this to bring healing, light, forgiveness, and movement forward into being present in your world at this time.

The time is now, not our past, not our future but what we have right now. If we can be the change we want to see in the world then we are Warriors of Light and we are helping bring healing to our selves and to the world around us.

If anything touches you here, please do feel free to comment or ask questions. If I can help in any way I would be so very happy to. And if I can’t I have many contacts of other wonderful healing people around the world that I can put you in contact with.

Many blessings to each and every one of you.

Love and Namaste


Movement into Stillness

Movement into Stillness – a journey into inner space.
There are many ways to attain inner silence and one of these ways is to do an active meditation with music/sound to bring you to that place.
In many cultures the drum has been used for eons, normally in circle around a fire. The drum would lead the people into movement and the rhythm would take them to a different space, some call this Trance dance.
Sufi whirling (or Sufi spinning) is a form of Sama or physically active meditation which originated in the 13th Century in Turkey, and which is still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. They whirl around to music and find the point of silence within the spinning.
Osho, (1931 – 1990) from India, a mystic,guru and spiritual teacher bought Dynamic Active Meditation to the west. Music for the dancer to dissolve into the dance. With eyes closed, you are told to dance as if possessed. let your unconscious take over completely. Do not control your movements or be a witness to what is happening. Just be totally in the dance  One of these meditations is called Nataraj – The active part of the meditation is for 40 minutes, then you lie down in silence for 20 minutes and then bought back from that silence with music for another 5 minutes, this in total is a 65 minute meditation.
5 Rythems is also a very popular way to work with this process. This, again is a movement meditation practice devised by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1970s.It draws from indigenous and world traditions using tenets of shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical and eastern philosophy. It also draws from Gestalt Therapy, the human potential movement and transpersonal psychology  Fundamental to the practice is the idea that everything is energy, and moves in waves, patterns and rhythms.Roth describes the practice as a soul journey, and says that by moving the body, releasing the heart, and freeing the mind, one can connect to the essence of the soul, the source of inspiration in which an individual has unlimited possibility and potential.
With all of these different offerings the main purpose is to take yourself from a point of movement into stillness. You become one with the music/sounds/beat. You do not follow the music, you become lost in it and become part of it. Once this starts to happen you can literally feel yourself unwind and become freer from the tensions that you have taken on from past pain and fear, from anger, resentment, grief, remorse etc and also anxiety and worry, fear etc of the future. Also the same is true for the chattering mind, for as you blend with the sounds your being can – if you allow it  to – loose all time and awareness of the mind chatter that we live with.. We can loose all thoughts about the past and the future and become very much in the now. Thoughts stop and space starts to open up and become available to us. 
Whilst in this state we are working at a deep cellular level.
During our lives we experience all sorts of feelings and if these are not fully expressed at that present moment, especially the ones that are of low vibration, they can move into deep cellular memory and get stuck, leading to dis-ease. Eckhart Toll calls this the Pain Body. Lets be honest, when we are happy we normally express with freedom and joy, we tend not to hold our feelings in in the same way we do when we have, what is deemed to be negative feelings. We, in the modern world, tend to hide them and not express them. We hold a fear that if we show these feelings they may show a nasty or weak side of our nature or it may be too embarrassing to release out loud and feel heard. We also, as children may not have been encouraged and supported enough to be able to express them, we are actively discouraged by our parents and teachers to not show our feelings, thus our pain body holds on to them until such a time as this. We may even be totally unaware of what we have kept with us from our past. But emotions not expressed can keep us from moving into a much more powerful way of being in our present moment. The more the body ‘collects’ and  ‘stores’ these emotions, the more tension is  built up in the cellular memory of our bodies.  Literally in our cells. Where there is vulnerability in our body, these pent up emotions…now not fully expressed feelings! can get more and more wound up within the cells and can become  more solid/dense , creating disharmony and dis-ease.
Active, dynamic meditation with Intent can hook into these stored emotions and release them…this then can lead us into the stillness that we may not have been able to access before,  bringing freedom and liberation from the past and the future and thus moving one into the present moment.
This is not the same as dancing to your favorite piece of music or going to a dance / party. This is a conscious way of healing the parts of your being which are trapped within you. It is a way of removing old habits and reactive behaviours that are out dated and not needed any more, and may also be harmful.

September contemplation’s…Letting go.

Letting go

Medicine Animals – An invitation.

This weekend I meandered down to the river to contemplate what Power Animal to write about this month. The Dog followed me playing on the rocks and slipping into the river. On walking down the steps I disturbed a beautiful Heron 3 metres away from me, for the second time in three days.This brought a huge smile to my face. I sat on the rocks and became mesmerised by the flow of the water and gentle warm breeze on my skin and a Kingfisher flew by. My heart seemed to be full to bursting as the Dragonflies zoomed passed me as they caught the smaller insects. Butterflies gently wafting around, the Hornet came and checked me out inches from my face, I stayed calm and non threatening and she moved off. The Fish jumping for flies, tiny Frogs leaping from rock to rock, the river and the surrounding space was  vibrant and teaming with life. Even a sense of Otter nearby, I hear them calling later on towards dusk.
I sat in pure wonder at the beauty of where I was in that moment. My heart was full. I enjoyed each of the energies I was being offered and shown. In the space of a few moments my life had been filled with so many different beings all joining me in one way or another at that time at the river.
I still could not decide what to write so due to the changing seasons, instead, I offer you an invitation.
Open to meeting your own Totem Animal/s.
Welcome the energies of the four legged’s, the winged, furred, finned and the insect nation.
Who comes to you.
Have intent to meet an animal that is to offer wisdom, guidance, teachings to help you in your own life experiences.
Look at the colours, listen to the sounds and watch the movements that come. Observe the habits of the animal and how they form relationships, are they within a team, a group consciousness or are they loaners. open your heart and listen with your inner being to what you are being shown and offered.
The Universe is constantly trying to communicate with us and so through nature there is so much for us to learn….. if we are open to receive.
You may also  have a deep sense of knowing what animal is for you to or they come in a different ways, be open.
When an animal comes to you and you welcome what they offer, have deep gratitude,  investigate it, look at pictures of it, read about it dance the power into yourself, become that being and  absorb its teachings.
There is so much information on line, write about the animals that come to you, your thoughts about what they offer, and, then read your insights, for they are also for you too. Immerse yourself in their energies, draw the energy into your heart space with a deep breath and offer thanks to the Universe.
When we open to the Universe in this way our lives can be enhanced beyond normality.
 Blessings for your journey into the Animal Kingdom.

Vision Quest ( a step towards freedom)

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When we allow ourselves time to sit in solitude, we are honouring a calling which brings us back to a natural state of being.
We are prepared in ritual. Intent is set.  We find our space and set out our circle. When we enter we will intend to remain for two nights in Nature. (the only time we exit is to have a wee etc..)
In our sacred circle….
At first we may have internal resistance. I’m lonely. I’m hungry. This is stupid. I can’t do it, it’s too hard. 
But as we continue, our minds slowly begin to quiet and as our minds gradually release their frantic addiction to constant chatter, we also lose our usual mind association with time. 
We accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Exactly when we are supposed to be there. Time changes.  Is it faster?  Slower? Certainly it is less urgent. We are outside the relentless marching of western world time obsession, and a new, different relation with the world around us settles in. We are now in the NON ordinary and the work is at hand.
For each of us, the experiences now to unfold, will be different. We may receive visions, real, eyes open and inexplicable visions. Or hear sounds from around us we have not been aware of before. We will be moved to tears or transfixed by boundless joy. As our emotions swing and we witness them in this unique space, eventually we find space within us to just be. 
Here in my circle. With my water bottle, my sore bum and my empty tum. Time to move. Jump, dance, sway and stride. Laugh, cry and shout to the heavens. 
Your intent has been set. You have drawn a line in the sand and by your incredible and unusual act of questing, you are going to leap over it. Not reluctantly. Not timidly just stepping over the line. You will LEAP it and leave it far behind.
“This is who I now am!” This is how I will stride forward with my life. 
You will never be the same again.
No matter how it unfolds for you, it will be perfect. It will be your quest and it will be just as it should be.
Are you ready to sit with yourself and investigate who you are, what you really want to do in this life and where you want to go? Time to release pain from the past and move into the present moment with more ease.
Questing is a great way to shift blocks and finally close the door on issues of the past, letting go, forgiving and surrendering to being in the now.
There is a rawness to being on your own in the wilderness and with it comes space to delve into important parts of yourself that we can all hold onto and that in the past has stopped us from moving forward.
With love and blessings

Silence – An Investigation

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What is silence?
For there is always sound where ever you are. There is always noise and vibration. in the city, the village, the countryside, the sea, the deserts, the mountains, there is always sound.
What does it mean to sit in silence? – To try and discover this, sit and just be. Listen with your whole being and take note of what you can hear.
Nature brings its own naturals sounds, the birds singing, the gentle breeze playing with the leaves on the trees, the mouse rustling in the undergrowth. Rain pitter-pattering on the roof tops, the cracks of drying wood bark in the hot sun, the list is endless. you will never get away from this type of sound.
Silence for humans is when there is peace within the mind. ( Inner silence) The chitter-chatter of every day thoughts that are constantly there as a background chorus :- What am I doing, Where do i have to be, Im late, I’ve got so much to do, No one loves me, Im angry because so and so let me down or did this to me, the list can go on and on….
Stop, Now, and Listen. What are you saying to yourself, can you hear? We confirm so much of the time of what we believe just by the constant mind-chatter. To be in silence isn’t to not have the natural sounds around us but its to stop the words that fill our minds so habitually that we don’t give ourselves time to just stop, to rest, to be in the space where nothing is there, no words,no confirmations of who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.
Just to be, to move into a space of wonder.
Observe what you say to yourself, observe when you are with others and how you fill in the time, fill in the silence. Can you sit in a room with others and not say a word or seek confirmation that all is ok. It is as it is.
Become the witness to your own head talk.
Meditation is a time where you sit in the silence of no talking, but when can you sit there and not talk to yourself? No one else can hear you, can you hear yourself?
Drop, Breath and try not to catch hold of the words that keep popping up. Rest the mind, loosen the tension in ones body, again become the witness and then become the witness of the witness and loose yourself in all time and dimensions.
Once silence becomes you, a crack in the world opens and you become free. The fire crackles, the sun lowers, the moon rises, the ants go about their business and you are free.
Love and Blessings

The Healing Energies of Nature


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Movement into Stillness

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We move into a place of freedom from the trappings of the old fears and judgements. We are not acting for praise or self aggrandisement. We are being for ourselves. We are not watching for others to confirm that we are ‘good’. Or to see their reactions. We are just being in the moment of full expression of our authentic selves.
Watch yourself and see how you are in the world. Do you need/seek approval, a pat on the back for what you are doing? .Do you feel hurt if you are not recognised or seen? Do you feel hurt if someone has been unkind or judgmental about what you are doing? Do you stop yourself from singing, dancing, loving, living for fear of being laughed at?
Surrender to the fear of judgement.
Surrender to the fear of being laughed at.
Surrender to the fear of not being good enough.
Surrender to the fear of not being perfect.
Surrender to the fear of being in fear.
Shine through your fear and as a famous quote says…feel the fear and do it anyway!
Stand tall and say I AM ENOUGH.
Be who you are and allows others to be who they are,
For we can only change ourselves.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Be truthful and authentic with who you are,
Judge yourself less…for we are actually the biggest judge of ourselves.
Notice your own trappings, and break through the chains into freedom.
If there is healing to be done, seek healing.
If there is forgiveness to be done, forgive.
If there are addictions and patterns to be broken, break them.
Be honest,
Love your self
Love your light
Love your dance
Love your laughter
Love your song
move into
Loving LIFE.

Control – Are you or are you not in control?

A Life Enhancing Prayer

You who are the source of all power
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do your work.
Whilst chanting, praying or singing this beautiful prayer –
Open your hands to the heavens
Visualise the suns rays streaming forth into the world,
entering your heart,
streaming out from your heart centre and back into the world.