Silence – An Investigation

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What is silence?
For there is always sound where ever you are. There is always noise and vibration. in the city, the village, the countryside, the sea, the deserts, the mountains, there is always sound.
What does it mean to sit in silence? – To try and discover this, sit and just be. Listen with your whole being and take note of what you can hear.
Nature brings its own naturals sounds, the birds singing, the gentle breeze playing with the leaves on the trees, the mouse rustling in the undergrowth. Rain pitter-pattering on the roof tops, the cracks of drying wood bark in the hot sun, the list is endless. you will never get away from this type of sound.
Silence for humans is when there is peace within the mind. ( Inner silence) The chitter-chatter of every day thoughts that are constantly there as a background chorus :- What am I doing, Where do i have to be, Im late, I’ve got so much to do, No one loves me, Im angry because so and so let me down or did this to me, the list can go on and on….
Stop, Now, and Listen. What are you saying to yourself, can you hear? We confirm so much of the time of what we believe just by the constant mind-chatter. To be in silence isn’t to not have the natural sounds around us but its to stop the words that fill our minds so habitually that we don’t give ourselves time to just stop, to rest, to be in the space where nothing is there, no words,no confirmations of who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.
Just to be, to move into a space of wonder.
Observe what you say to yourself, observe when you are with others and how you fill in the time, fill in the silence. Can you sit in a room with others and not say a word or seek confirmation that all is ok. It is as it is.
Become the witness to your own head talk.
Meditation is a time where you sit in the silence of no talking, but when can you sit there and not talk to yourself? No one else can hear you, can you hear yourself?
Drop, Breath and try not to catch hold of the words that keep popping up. Rest the mind, loosen the tension in ones body, again become the witness and then become the witness of the witness and loose yourself in all time and dimensions.
Once silence becomes you, a crack in the world opens and you become free. The fire crackles, the sun lowers, the moon rises, the ants go about their business and you are free.
Love and Blessings

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