We move into a place of freedom from the trappings of the old fears and judgements. We are not acting for praise or self aggrandisement. We are being for ourselves. We are not watching for others to confirm that we are ‘good’. Or to see their reactions. We are just being in the moment of full expression of our authentic selves.
Watch yourself and see how you are in the world. Do you need/seek approval, a pat on the back for what you are doing? .Do you feel hurt if you are not recognised or seen? Do you feel hurt if someone has been unkind or judgmental about what you are doing? Do you stop yourself from singing, dancing, loving, living for fear of being laughed at?
Surrender to the fear of judgement.
Surrender to the fear of being laughed at.
Surrender to the fear of not being good enough.
Surrender to the fear of not being perfect.
Surrender to the fear of being in fear.
Shine through your fear and as a famous quote says…feel the fear and do it anyway!
Stand tall and say I AM ENOUGH.
Be who you are and allows others to be who they are,
For we can only change ourselves.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Be truthful and authentic with who you are,
Judge yourself less…for we are actually the biggest judge of ourselves.
Notice your own trappings, and break through the chains into freedom.
If there is healing to be done, seek healing.
If there is forgiveness to be done, forgive.
If there are addictions and patterns to be broken, break them.
Be honest,
Love your self
Love your light
Love your dance
Love your laughter
Love your song
move into
Loving LIFE.

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