Vision Quest ( a step towards freedom)

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When we allow ourselves time to sit in solitude, we are honouring a calling which brings us back to a natural state of being.
We are prepared in ritual. Intent is set.  We find our space and set out our circle. When we enter we will intend to remain for two nights in Nature. (the only time we exit is to have a wee etc..)
In our sacred circle….
At first we may have internal resistance. I’m lonely. I’m hungry. This is stupid. I can’t do it, it’s too hard. 
But as we continue, our minds slowly begin to quiet and as our minds gradually release their frantic addiction to constant chatter, we also lose our usual mind association with time. 
We accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Exactly when we are supposed to be there. Time changes.  Is it faster?  Slower? Certainly it is less urgent. We are outside the relentless marching of western world time obsession, and a new, different relation with the world around us settles in. We are now in the NON ordinary and the work is at hand.
For each of us, the experiences now to unfold, will be different. We may receive visions, real, eyes open and inexplicable visions. Or hear sounds from around us we have not been aware of before. We will be moved to tears or transfixed by boundless joy. As our emotions swing and we witness them in this unique space, eventually we find space within us to just be. 
Here in my circle. With my water bottle, my sore bum and my empty tum. Time to move. Jump, dance, sway and stride. Laugh, cry and shout to the heavens. 
Your intent has been set. You have drawn a line in the sand and by your incredible and unusual act of questing, you are going to leap over it. Not reluctantly. Not timidly just stepping over the line. You will LEAP it and leave it far behind.
“This is who I now am!” This is how I will stride forward with my life. 
You will never be the same again.
No matter how it unfolds for you, it will be perfect. It will be your quest and it will be just as it should be.
Are you ready to sit with yourself and investigate who you are, what you really want to do in this life and where you want to go? Time to release pain from the past and move into the present moment with more ease.
Questing is a great way to shift blocks and finally close the door on issues of the past, letting go, forgiving and surrendering to being in the now.
There is a rawness to being on your own in the wilderness and with it comes space to delve into important parts of yourself that we can all hold onto and that in the past has stopped us from moving forward.
With love and blessings

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