Medicine Animals – An invitation.

This weekend I meandered down to the river to contemplate what Power Animal to write about this month. The Dog followed me playing on the rocks and slipping into the river. On walking down the steps I disturbed a beautiful Heron 3 metres away from me, for the second time in three days.This brought a huge smile to my face. I sat on the rocks and became mesmerised by the flow of the water and gentle warm breeze on my skin and a Kingfisher flew by. My heart seemed to be full to bursting as the Dragonflies zoomed passed me as they caught the smaller insects. Butterflies gently wafting around, the Hornet came and checked me out inches from my face, I stayed calm and non threatening and she moved off. The Fish jumping for flies, tiny Frogs leaping from rock to rock, the river and the surrounding space was  vibrant and teaming with life. Even a sense of Otter nearby, I hear them calling later on towards dusk.
I sat in pure wonder at the beauty of where I was in that moment. My heart was full. I enjoyed each of the energies I was being offered and shown. In the space of a few moments my life had been filled with so many different beings all joining me in one way or another at that time at the river.
I still could not decide what to write so due to the changing seasons, instead, I offer you an invitation.
Open to meeting your own Totem Animal/s.
Welcome the energies of the four legged’s, the winged, furred, finned and the insect nation.
Who comes to you.
Have intent to meet an animal that is to offer wisdom, guidance, teachings to help you in your own life experiences.
Look at the colours, listen to the sounds and watch the movements that come. Observe the habits of the animal and how they form relationships, are they within a team, a group consciousness or are they loaners. open your heart and listen with your inner being to what you are being shown and offered.
The Universe is constantly trying to communicate with us and so through nature there is so much for us to learn….. if we are open to receive.
You may also  have a deep sense of knowing what animal is for you to or they come in a different ways, be open.
When an animal comes to you and you welcome what they offer, have deep gratitude,  investigate it, look at pictures of it, read about it dance the power into yourself, become that being and  absorb its teachings.
There is so much information on line, write about the animals that come to you, your thoughts about what they offer, and, then read your insights, for they are also for you too. Immerse yourself in their energies, draw the energy into your heart space with a deep breath and offer thanks to the Universe.
When we open to the Universe in this way our lives can be enhanced beyond normality.
 Blessings for your journey into the Animal Kingdom.

One thought on “Medicine Animals – An invitation.

  1. Beautifully written and so relevant to our world and our immediate surroundings, I felt I was there with you feeling all those senses . Our life here is also abundant with those same creatures that we enjoy seeing everyone day learning so much for their behaviour.


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