suze at nuni's 2105

My work is intuitive, I follow my guidance and trust what is being shown to me.

I have many years of training in Aromatherapy, Massage, The Bowen Technique and Energy work, Healing flower essences and I am a Shamanic Practitioner.

A lot of the time the techniques, my tool kit blends and moulds to the individual person, I use the drum to move me to trance, ( my beloved drum). I journey for people and or give guided visualisation/meditations to my clients, and this is normally after some form of body/energy work.  I call upon my guides and helpers to help me and use me as a hollow bone, especially when I am guided to suck out old energy and replace with new information. Some of the time ancient words are given through me and placed in for healing.

At the time I am just the vessel transferring these words, sounds and song. I hold sacred space and call upon our beloved Gaia, Spirit, the Ancient One. All our ancestors, the animal kingdom, the Rock and mineral kingdoms and the Star Nations.

I love to open sacred space and hold ceremonies. I have also recently started doing one to one skype sessions which have been amazing.