Pieces written by my partner Steve … The voice of the Drum

The voice of the Drum…Article written by Steve Elliott and read out for the drumming cd’s  and a small add on by Suze
Suze and steve hand fasting
Historically the Shaman was a man or woman who entered into an altered state of awareness at will in the pursuit of power, for knowledge of gifts of healing for the benefit of his community.
He, I will use he, but understand it could be he or she, would often attain the state of trance with the help of power plants or allies. It is said that while in this state of non ordinary reality his soul leaves his body and journeys up into the realms of Upper World or Down into Lower World, .to give but two examples. Where he interacts with his guides and helpers to meet the intended objectives of his journey.
The downside with using the plant allies for extended periods is they can exact a heavy toll on our bodies.
Ecstatic states can be reached by many different means, such as prolonged silence, fasting, repetitive movement or sound among them. The experience is as a dream except you are able to control your actions and movements with practice – The Shamanic Journey.
In many different and separate traditions from around the world the drum is used to drive the Shaman on his journey. A regular beat of between 4 – 7 beats per second mimics the frequency of Theta brain waves. This frequency is associated with hypnosis and R.E.M sleep.
It is also said that the Shamans drum brings healing and peace, it is the universal heartbeat and aligns all beings heart to heart. Sound and frequencies bring balance to our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms.
The drum is universally used as a means to take us away from our normal world and move us into the spaces of our being, on a journey  where we can seek the depth of healing that we intend to find.
With journeying the Shamanic way there is a pattern of different drumming beats that take you forward on your journey and then a recall beat that is much faster that brings you back again into your physical body. The results can simply be amazing. The information gathered and the experience had for self and others are a gift to us and the voice of the drum can lead us to those gifts from the depth of our beings, to different realms and dimensions and to the connection to others that we are working for.

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