Poems/Pros by other people that touch me deep inside – Where there are words there is magic.

                       The Function of the Heart  
Inspired and taken from ‘The Mind World’ volume four of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s lectures. (1882-1927)
Hazrat Khan was the founder of the ‘Sufi Order’ in the west (London) and teacher of Universal Sufism.
The heart, in Sufi terms, is called the mirror.
Whatever is reflected in the heart does not only remain a reflection but becomes a creative power productive of the phenomenon of a similar nature.
So, for example, a heart that is holding in itself a rose will find roses everywhere. Roses will be attracted to the heart and roses will be produced from it and for it. As this reflection deepens and becomes stronger it becomes creative of the phenomenon of roses and the symbolic qualities we associate with roses.
Equally, the heart that holds and reflects wounds will find wounds everywhere. It will attract wounds and will create wounds, for this is the phenomenon of reflection.
There are examples to be found in the world of people who by retaining a thought have created on the physical plane its manifestation, its phenomenon.
The reason is – that the phenomenon is not only an image as produced in the mirror but that reflection in the heart is the most powerful thing.
It is life itself – and it is creative.
If the heart is calm enough to receive reflections fully and clearly, one can choose for oneself with reflection to repel and which to retain.
This Poem was given to me many years ago and wherever I have moved to I have kept it with me.
It has reminded me so many times to trust my flow. It has been challenging at times and I have forgotten at other times but again this poem has moved into my life , a reminder from a friend and I again had to smile and chuckle and whisper..Ah yes, that’s the way to be!
The origins of this poem are confusing and the words have been changed in cases as well, but this is a beautiful poem of remembering……
What comes to me from this poem.
When we move into a position of free flow and the feeling of freedom of expression, no matter what others may think, we are healed! When we can dance and not worry what others are thinking of us, what we look like and if we fit in. We are free.
When we can love with open heart and trust another through past hurts, we are giving over to trust. We can then love all of humanity and not be concerned that other may not approve that we love a person they don’t like . When we can sing our song and not think others may think we are out of tune and not sounding good, we move into a space where we feel free to express ourselves with joy and abundance with no short fall.
This is what living is all about, moving in the moment, free from what others may think about us. We don’t regret that we didn’t dance, sing, love just because of our own fears and judgements of others.
We have surrendered.
A quote from Abraham-Hicks
Over the years Abraham-Hicks have been an inspiration to me and has helped me on my journey to where I am today. I have and do give great thanks to their teachings.
Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author who dialog with a group of spiritual being teachers called Abraham. She has over the years, with her husband Jerry co-authored eight books.
The Abraham teachings affirm our well – being and help us to recognise the power of joy in achieving all that is desired in life. Their gift to us is a one of teaching us how to manifest wonder and abundance into our every day lives.
                                                            “See this worlds as a free world,
                                                             and see everyone in it as trying
                                                             through their individual
                                                             experiences to find their way back to that calling,
                                                             back to that Source Energy.
                                                             And even though there are billions of them going about it
                                                             in a different way than you would choose,
                                                             there’s no right and wrong way.
                                                             in other words, bless them all,
                                                             and get on with the only thing you have any power about,
                                                             which is opening or closing your vortex
                                                             to your natural state of well-being.”
 Peace Prayer
A chant I found in this book :-
Ancients Echoes..The Anasazi. book of chants…written by Mary Summer Rain.
Mary Summer Rain has written at least nine other books. in this book she brings the chants, prayers, songs and poetry to us form the Anasazi People. These people lived in Pueblos in the plateau area of the American Southwest from 100 to 1300 A.D In this unique book she brings together the beauty and sensitivity of the Anasazi community called The Spirit Clan.
The one we have chosen for this new Letter is The Peace Prayer.
‘Clearly, this prayer needs no explanatory sketch, for the clan was an extremely peaceful community and its societal foundation rested solidly upon Peace itself. Therefore , the Peace prayer was directed towards their outer world in general which included all life on earth as well as that above and around it. This ‘life’ encompassed all spirit entities as well’
                                                                              Peace Prayer
                                                      May harmony dwell in the hearts of all people.
                                                       And between them let peace be their way
                                                      May thoughts and deeds be gentle and kind,
                                                             And trails be straight, paths be true.
                                                            May starlight show the way at night,
                                                             And dark clouds never stay the day.
                                                         May nature thrive upon this land,
                                                        And Peace abide in the |Sacred Manner.
                                                                           May it be so
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