Poetry/Prose by Suze

                                      To have loved
                                      To be loved
                                      To love
                                      To forgive and let go
                                      Totally let go of the past
                                      To bring your-self
                                       Back into love
                                       This is what it is all about
                                       Loving yourself
                                       So you can then
                                       Love others


Strawberry/Solstice Moon 20 June 2016

Full moon, same day as the solstice.
What a blessing
A strawberry moon too.
Brothers and sisters joining together for to celebrate this time.
Friend, family, food and drumming
with a little sage, pray and ceremony
Oh what joy
Take a moment.
Sit with yourselves and Breath
Give thanks and gratitude for all
All the beauty in nature
All the beauty within our own hearts
and those of our beloveds
Give thanks to friendship, the joy that they bring
Celebrate the unique differences we all bring to the table.
Know we can be the change we want to see in the world.
Step over the line and
Stand tall and be who you want to be, for yourself,
Move through the boundaries that we each set for our selves and
what we feel others set for us.
Be true to you.
With love in your heart be your authentic self, glowing for all to see and for you to be.
Forgive all, let go of the past.
Move into this space of NOW, right now
At this time open your heart
Be joyful
Find the peace you want to see in the world

Much love to you all my beloved friends and family.
You are all in my heart.


Equinox Blessings March 20th 2016

Happy Equinox beautiful people
I was reminded of this beautiful verse, so thought Id share on this day:-

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth.
I love it and it helps to remind me to be present.

Love on this day to you all
Welcome in the spring, Open you arms wide to…
New ideas
New growth
Planting seeds that will grow into huge oak trees and bulbs that will grow into the wonder of a whole spectrum of colour.
Celebrate this day with open heart and release all old trappings that keep us in our safe boxes.
Explore and gaze out at this beautiful world of ours with deep gratitude and affirm. I am here
Close your eyes and gaze inwards and celebrate your own oneness and say gently
I welcome life 🙂
Love yourself, love your family and friends
And love your foes.
For we are all onex

Love and Namaste, Suzexxx


Thoughts for today   February 13 2106

The rain falls here in the mountains
The energy is incredible
Tree trunks rush by,
Broken trees being hurled down our once small river, like match sticks.It blows my little mind away.
How do the fish survive, I wonder!
Purifying the lands
Filling the water table
Celebrating water for our veg
Pure fresh mountain drinking water in the seasons to come
No drought this summer!
Cleansing my soul.
To sit in wonder at the power of nature
To be at peace with it
To look on in wonder as the water flows
The sound in the yurt is mesmerising
What to do….
Woodburner on,
Fire to keep warm
I sit
I drum
I pray
I write
What more to do an such a wet day

Blessings to you all


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